A full 100% of Boler’s accountancy majors celebrate their graduation by getting hired into a great job. In fact, many receive job offers in their junior year. But the truly successful career is about much more than finding a position. It’s about developing the intellect, character and leadership skills that create and maintain an inspired business life. That’s the Ignatian tradition that defines the heart of the Boler experience.

  • Core Strenth
    Contrary to popular
    opinion, the first two years
    of college are not the
    same across higher
    education. The strength
    of the JCU core
    is a
    distinctive four-year
    curriculum that integrates
    deeply with your major
    and exposes you to the
    intellectual habits you need
    to succeed in the world.
  • Pass the first time
    Our accountancy
    graduates ranked #1 in
    and #23 nationally
    on the passing rate for
    first-time sitting of the
    CPA exam, ensuring
    students leave JCU
    ready to launch directly
    into their careers.
  • Skills that matter
    A college degree is more
    than a piece of paper you’ll
    hang on a wall. It is the
    sum of your major, your
    experience, the professional
    mentoring, and networking
    you have gained. Get the
    that will make you
    marketable in a global
    work environment.
  • Do things right
    Doing things right is about
    learned skills. But what
    does it take to be a fearless
    problem solver? You need
    character, leadership, and
    an ability to serve others.
    The learning outcomes of
    a JCU degree provide the
    foundation that enables
    you to make decisions with
    competence, confidence,
    and compassion throughout
    your career.
  • Next gen biz
    Leaders must be fearless
    problem solvers to face the
    world’s pressing challenges.
    We teach you to think
    critically, communicate
    clearly and solve complex
    problems based on a
    centuries-old Jesuit
    tradition made relevant
    to the data-driven and
    agile thinking work that
    companies need.
  • We're #1
    No school in the United
    States better prepares
    students for jobs than JCU’s
    Boler School of Business.
    That’s according to
    Bloomberg Businessweek,
    — just one of many top
    rankings JCU has earned.
  • JUMP
    From day one, students are
    admitted directly into the
    Boler School of Business.
    Your education will span
    the best of our liberal
    arts core and the Boler
    curriculum from the start.

    Further, exceptional high
    school students can be
    admitted to John Carroll as
    preMBA scholars and have a
    guaranteed seat in our MBA
    program waiting for you.
  • 100% job placement
    Not only do 100% of our
    accountancy majors have
    jobs after graduation.
    Many receive job offers
    in their junior year.
    Robert Cameron and
    Laura Gagliano are
    just two such students.
    Have you found the college
    with the right “fit” yet?
    Shopping for fit is complex
    and many factors will guide
    your decision making. Our
    admission team is fully
    cross-trained in admission
    and financial aid to handle
    all your questions when
    you’re ready to take the step.
  • Cleveland Rocks
    Cleveland rocks for many
    reasons. But, most
    importantly, with JCU
    alumni running hundreds of
    companies across Northeast
    Ohio, your college experience
    is your time to rock
    Cleveland through internships,
    summer work, and class-
    based research projects.
  • Still deciding?
    Before you declare a major,
    every course you take matters.
    You need a curriculum that
    lets you explore without
    wandering, not wasting a
    single credit hour. At JCU,
    you will work one-on-one and
    in teams with faculty advisors,
    planning your path to a major
    while honing the skills that
    employers want
  • Capping off your degree
    What distinguishes your
    experience as a JCU grad?
    A self-designed Capstone
    project. Whether it’s a research
    paper, thesis, a presentation,
    or a project for a local organi-
    zation, you’ll demonstrate your
    mastery of skills learned over
    the past four years and set
    yourself up for all the future
    opportunities that await