The athletic experience is built on participation and engagement, rather than being designed for spectators on the sidelines. John Carroll students develop confidence and discipline while reinforcing what they learn in the classroom: how to become independent critical thinkers and effective problem solvers. Our student-athletes are never one-dimensional; they pursue many interests such as service learning, internships, studying abroad, and campus leadership roles. Athletics is an essential component in creating a high-performance learning environment where every choice you make helps you optimize your college experience.

  • Core strength
    Contrary to popular opinion, the first two years of college are not the same across higher education. The strength of the JCU Core is a distinctive four-year curriculum that integrates deeply with your major and exposes you to the intellectual habits you need to succeed in the world.
  • Driven to excel

    “NCAA Division III athletes come to college for an education and they play for the love of the game. Our student-athletes compete not because they expect a financial reward, but because they are driven to excel.” – NCAA website

    Read about Ross Martin’s ’18 story of being a John Carroll scholar-athlete, driven to excel on and off the field.

  • Mind. Body. Spirit.
    Athletics is an essential component of the full educational experience at John Carroll. Student-athletes don’t compromise their academics to compete in a sport. The balance between mind and body provides the opportunity to develop as a total human person.
  • Contact a coach.
    John Carroll offers 23 highly competitive varsity sports. If you’ve competed at high levels during your high school career and are ready to express interest with our coaches, follow this link and tell us more about your background.
  • Join the club.

    Our eight club sports are student-run and student-organized yet still offer competition against other colleges and universities across the region.

  • Jesuit to the core
    Do you have an Ignatian heart? Learn to discern between different paths and fearlessly choose a greater good, acting with and for others. Built on the centuries old legacy of St. Ignatius, our Jesuit Heritage courses explore the most pressing ethical and social justice issues of your profession and the world.
  • We are blue streaks.

    When lightning strikes, the electrical discharge leaves a “blue streak” due to the speed and force of the flash.

    Rumor has it that once after a football practice, Raymond Gibbons (Class of 1924) remarked “they’re tearing around like a blue streak!” What could be a better name for our sports teams and the high energy level and intensity with which they compete?

  • Pathway to the NFL.

    “My goal is to one day work in the NFL and being here at JCU — where several professional football coaches and personnel guys have come from — made it the perfect fit for me. I know going to school here is the best thing I can do to help set myself up to achieve my dreams.”

    Kody Kidd ’20

  • A record of success.
    John Carroll consistently celebrates the success of our 23 varsity teams, including postseason tournament appearances, conference championships, and individual athlete honors. Blue Streaks can claim more than 700 first team All-OAC selections and OAC champions, and more than 75 Division Ⅲ All-Americans. Our teams have also captured more than 60 league titles.
  • A century of sports.
    JCU competes in the historic Ohio Athletic Conference (OAC). The OAC is just one of three conferences in all of collegiate athletics that was formed before the 20th century.
  • Meet Lobo.
    Wolves are a significant symbol for JCU and other Jesuit universities, often appearing on the coat of arms and the school seal. The wolf tradition starts with the Loyola family and how they provided so generously for their followers that even the wolves could be fed. Out of that spirit of generosity, our mascot, Lobo (Spanish for wolf), was born.
  • Lifting, leading, and learning together.

    “I love to be with the team whenever I can. They are some of my best friends. I see them at our weekly weight lifting, in the dining hall, at practice, or even studying in the library; you usually cannot find me without a teammate by my side!”

    Meghan Harte ’18

  • Become something more.

    “My teammates were some of the first friends I made on campus and have been supportive of everything I have aspired to do and what I hope to become.”

    Liz O’Grady ’19

  • JCYou
    Have you found the college with the right “fit” yet? Shopping for fit is complex and many factors will guide your decision making. Our team is fully cross-trained in admission and financial aid to handle all your questions when you’re ready to take the step.
  • Cleveland Rocks
    Cleveland rocks for many reasons. But, most importantly, with JCU alumni running hundreds of companies across Northeast Ohio, your college experience is your time to rock Cleveland through internships, summer work, and class-based research projects.
  • Still Deciding?
    Before you declare a major, every course you take matters. Our curriculum lets you explore without wandering, not wasting a single credit hour. At JCU, you will work one-on-one and in teams with faculty advisors, planning your path to a major, while honing the skills employers want.
  • Capping off your degree
    What distinguishes your experience at JCU? A self-designed Capstone project. Whether it’s a research paper, thesis, a presentation, or a project for a local organization, you’ll demonstrate your mastery of skills learned over four years and set yourself up for all the future opportunities that await.