Our tradition is to help you gain the skills that 91% of all employers tell us they’re seeking – critical thinking, communications, and problem-solving.* Over your four years, you’ll develop high-impact, high-performance habits that will launch you into your first job or into graduate school, and stay with you throughout your career. By the time you’re a John Carroll graduate, you’ll be prepared to act, innovate and lead with confidence and with heart.

* Hart Research Associates. Falling Short? College Learning and Career Success. Washington, D.C. Association of American College and Universities.

  • Core Strenth
    Contrary to popular
    opinion, the first two years
    of college are not the
    same across higher
    education. The strength
    of the JCU core
    is a
    distinctive four-year
    curriculum that integrates
    deeply with your major
    and exposes you to the
    intellectual habits you need
    to succeed in the world.
  • Intellect grows
    Some JCU Core classes are
    team-taught by professors
    from radically different
    disciplines — such as literature
    and chemistry. You’ll explore
    one topic from varied
    perspectives and learn to see
    all the dimensions of complex
    issues. It’s how real truth-
    seekers move beyond facts
    and figures and discover

    Read Ryan McGowan’s Story
  • A Campus that Does Justice
    Service is a significant part
    of the JCU experience.
    More than 2,000 students
    perform over 130,000
    hours of service to the
    community each year.

  • The Humanities at JCU
    Whether through the study
    of communication, history,
    literature, language,
    religion, philosophy, or art,
    the humanities will immerse you
    in other worlds and challenge
    you to change your own.

  • Jesuit to the core
    Do you have an Ignatian
    heart? Learn to discern
    between different paths and
    fearlessly choose a greater
    good, acting with and for
    others. Built on the centuries-
    old legacy of St. Ignatius,
    our Jesuit Heritage courses
    explore the most pressing
    ethical and social justice
    issues of your profession
    and the world.
  • Skills that matter
    A college degree is more
    than a piece of paper you’ll
    hang on a wall. It is the
    sum of your major, your
    experience, the professional
    mentoring, and networking
    you have gained. Get the
    that will make you
    marketable in a global
    work environment.
  • Beyond the classroom
    To be career-ready, you need
    hands-on opportunities to
    apply classroom learning
    to workplace and real-world
    settings. That’s why we
    develop strategic partnerships
    with leading organizations in
    Northeast Ohio for innovative
    research opportunities and

    Learn about our new 190
    Great Lakes Career-Ready
  • The social sciences, education, and global studies
    Studying the social sciences,
    education, or global studies

    allows you to make a direct
    impact on people and the
    world. JCU graduates cultivate
    a passion for social change
    and seek to improve the
    physical, cultural, and
    social conditions of people
    locally and globally.

  • See Campus in a New Way
    Get a new perspective
    on our 60-acre campus.
  • Top-ranked Business Program
    Bloomberg Businessweek
    ranked our Boler School of
    #1 in the nation for
    career preparation.

  • Still deciding?
    Before you declare a major,
    every course you take
    matters. Our curriculum lets
    you explore without
    wandering, not wasting a
    single credit hour. At JCU,
    you will work one-on-one
    and in teams with faculty
    advisors, planning your path
    to a major, while honing the
    skills employers want.
  • The Sciences
    Innovations in science,
    technology, engineering, and
    mathematics lead to
    discoveries that drive our
    21st Century lives.
    STEM students at John Carroll
    get hands-on experience
    on campus and through research
    and internships that will
    prepare you to build the future.

  • Cleveland rocks
    Cleveland rocks for many
    reasons. But, most
    importantly, with JCU
    alumni running hundreds of
    companies across Northeast
    Ohio, your college experience
    is your time to rock
    Cleveland through internships,
    summer work, and class-
    based research projects.
    Have you found the college
    with the right “fit” yet?
    Shopping for fit is complex
    and many factors will guide
    your decision making.
    Our team is fully
    cross-trained in admission
    and financial aid to handle
    all your questions when
    you’re ready to take the step.
  • Capping off your degree
    What distinguishes your
    experience at JCU? A self-
    designed Capstone project.
    Whether it’s a research
    paper, thesis, a presentation,
    or a project for a local
    organization, you’ll demon-
    strate your mastery of skills
    learned over four years
    and set yourself up for
    all the future opportunities
    that await