A degree in psychology is the key to a purposeful life – leading you to medical school, law school, careers in business, scientific research, counseling and more. At JCU, our students learn to make connections. Not just connections between people. But also between the brain and the body, between individuals and their surroundings, and between research and the real world. We help you unlock and understand these pathways and help you see how psychology and science can make the world a better place.

  • Core Strenth
    Contrary to popular
    opinion, the first two years
    of college are not the
    same across higher
    education. The strength
    of the JCU core
    is a
    distinctive four-year
    curriculum that integrates
    deeply with your major
    and exposes you to the
    intellectual habits you need
    to succeed in the world.
  • Psychology degree
    You might think – what
    can I do with a psychology
    degree? We really wonder
    what can’t you do.
    Psychology teaches the
    essential skills needed in
    so many career paths.
    Psychologists end up on
    every career path you
    can imagine.
  • 7 degrees
    Working at the intersection
    of people, families,
    organizations and cultures
    requires a dynamic mind.
    And you need a flexible
    curriculum to launch you
    toward areas such as child
    and family studies,
    organizational training and
    mental health,
    sports sciences and
  • Faculty research
    How does doing undergrad-
    uate research side-by-side
    with faculty help you?
    You will work on innovative
    in areas such as
    autism and behavior
    therapy, and add your
    name to our list of student
    success stories.

    Read Mara Esber’s story, ‘16
  • Designing research
    Psychology students have
    access to individual labs
    and group testing labs with
    one-way mirror and video
    capabilities. Early, hands-on
    research experiences on
    campus open doors to
    internships and other
    research opportunities.

    Cleveland Clinic stories:
    Steve Palmieri ‘14
    Ashleigh Pona ‘13
  • Making internships count
    “I took the internship
    over going to China
    because it was the
    Cleveland Clinic, and
    I thought I could
    travel to China later.”

    Tyler Bond ’11
  • Cleveland Rocks
    Cleveland rocks for many
    reasons. But, most
    importantly, with JCU
    alumni running hundreds of
    companies across Northeast
    Ohio, your college experience
    is your time to rock
    Cleveland through internships,
    summer work, and class-
    based research projects.
  • Still deciding?
    Before you declare a major,
    every course you take matters.
    You need a curriculum that
    lets you explore without
    wandering, not wasting a
    single credit hour. At JCU,
    you will work one-on-one and
    in teams with faculty advisors,
    planning your path to a major
    while honing the skills that
    employers want
  • Capping off your degree
    What distinguishes your
    experience as a JCU grad?
    A self-designed Capstone
    project. Whether it’s a research
    paper, thesis, a presentation,
    or a project for a local organi-
    zation, you’ll demonstrate your
    mastery of skills learned over
    the past four years and set
    yourself up for all the future
    opportunities that await