John Carroll gave me the opportunity to intern on research teams at highly respected medical centers, including Cleveland Clinic and the Emily Program (formerly known as the Cleveland Center for Eating Disorders), and provided a quality education at an institution where my professors knew me by name.

During my undergraduate studies at JCU, I continually sought opportunities that allowed me to further understand eating disorders and obesity. I am so thankful that I was given several opportunities to become involved in conceptualizing, conducting, and presenting psychological research. During my time at JCU, I took 14 credit hours of research-based courses to prepare me for a career as a researcher.

My mentors at JCU, including Drs. Denise Ben-Porath, John Yost, Angie Jones, and Tracy Masterson, encouraged me to present my research findings at regional and national conferences as well as turn them into manuscripts and submit them for publication in peer-reviewed journals. That level of research experience—actually disseminating research findings through conference presentations and publications—prepared me for my doctorate program in clinical psychology, where research productivity is imperative.

Having the opportunity to independently design my own research projects, which I was able to do through my JCU research classes, as well as at Cleveland Clinic and the Emily Program, helped me to learn the basic skills needed to carry out psychological research, as well as advance my understanding of eating disorders and obesity.

With financial assistance from JCU, I was able to dedicate a great deal of time to studying, conducting research, and traveling to present my research findings at out-of-state conferences.