Tell us about how you chose your major.

Dr. Chai was a faculty member I met during my orientation and he immediately became someone I could come to. He was also there with an open door, and eventually became my advisor. I knew I was attending medical school after my undergraduate career, having been admitted to Ohio University’s Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, but I did not know what to study. After my first few semesters at Carroll, I realized my passions fell into chemistry after taking Organic Chemistry. I initially planned to graduate early, but I realized I wanted to cherish every moment here before heading to medical school. So through Carroll’s core, I realized that I could further my studies in both Catholic Studies and in Biology.

Share a great experience related to your major or future career that stands out.

One of the most life changing experiences to me was my immersion trip to Honduras. I went with 19 other undergraduates, numerous staff members, and even Carroll alumni who wanted to join all of us in giving back to this wonderful community. I cannot begin to explain all that the experience has done to change me, but it definitely solidified my love of medicine and helped me realize that I was surrounded by a community both on campus and off, that would push me to be my best in all aspects of my life.

If you have had an internship, please tell us that story.

By attending JCU, I have had the opportunity to continue my research internship at the Cleveland Clinic, which I started in high school. I conduct research on Pediatric Obesity alongside my mentor and the staff of Cleveland Clinic Children’s and the BeWell Kids Clinic. I have continued to work on publications and have worked with plenty of JCU alums who have been supportive and helpful along my journey.

What is your favorite class at JCU so far?

My favorite class at JCU thus far has been Biology III Lab. The instructors have been so incredibly helpful and there is never a lack of attention or help during the course. One of the coolest experiences I have had was determining the genetic information of Cyanobacteria from Hawaii that Dr. Johansen of the Biology Department has extracted. These strands of Cyanobacteria have not been studied, and being able to be a part of such groundbreaking research in a general undergraduate biology lab is unheard of, but something that students at JCU get to conduct.

What activities and organizations are you involved with on campus?

On campus I am involved with Campus Ministry, Student Union, the American Chemical Society, the Pre-Health Honors Society, and Greek Life. These activities have helped shape me into the person I am today in living out our mission of being “men and women for and with others.” These activities help me to grow as a person and active member of society.

What’s “next” for you?

After graduation, I will be attending Ohio University’s Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine in thanks to the Early Acceptance Program through John Carroll. For now, I hope to enjoy every moment of my undergraduate studies, continuing to be involved on campus and pushing to become an even better student and Blue Streak.

What advice do you have for a high school student considering your major/career?

I would suggest for any student to begin taking science classes and getting clinical experience. It is a huge advantage to know what you want to study and find your passions early. Finding those interests in all facets of study, seeing how disciplines overlap, is a great benefit.